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The 6 Most Important IT Qualifications to Have In the Tech Field

For people who love tech, it’s not enough to involve themselves in the field as a hobby; their passion for it means a career in IT is the only way to go. But with Information Technology being such an all-encompassing entity, there’s no single, recognisable career path for those looking to progress.

Maybe you’re interested in cybersecurity, or it’s networking that gets you going? And yes, graphic design may be your passion, but does that mean you have the qualifications to successfully pursue a career in it?

IT has an exhaustive list of subcategories that make marking out a singular methodology to success a little difficult for both seasoned specialists and those new to the sector. Nevertheless, certifications and qualifications are what’s going to get the doors opening.

A CV that shows you have up-to-date knowledge and a specialised skill set is a sure way to set you apart from others, so it’s well worth getting some recognised credentials under your belt before you begin your next job search.

Here, we’ll present a selection of the most valuable IT qualifications across a range of specialities that can help boost your career chances, improve your abilities, and have a slew of employers reaching out to you.


programmers looking at code


1. Networking

Without networking, we wouldn’t have work or school computer systems, no printers, and worst of all: no internet. A world without the internet isn’t one we’d want to live in, and we doubt you would too.

If keeping people connected to the things that matter is something you’d like to pursue, then CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association)’s CompTIA Network+ certification will stand you in good stead. Designed to give you the knowledge to start up and troubleshoot your own networks, you’ll gain a better understanding of the norms and best practices needed for the maintenance and administration of network devices.

How much does it cost? £249

How long does it take to complete? 23 days

2. Graphic Design

If you’d like to pursue graphic design that goes beyond Photoshopping your mates’ faces onto pieces of fruit, then a thorough knowledge of Adobe’s suite of programs is essential. Luckily, this Adobe Graphic Design course provides those who enrol with in-depth practical design skills across Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe XD, sprucing up your creative design abilities whether you’re a total newbie or not.

Looking for work in web design, UX or graphic? This fully accredited course provides you with a starting point that’s sure to boost your chances.

How much does it cost? £1,699

How long does it take to complete? 27 hours


cyber security graphic

3. Cybersecurity

With hacking and cyberattacks increasing, people who know their stuff when it comes to defending businesses from malicious dealings are in high demand more than ever. If providing the first line of defence against cyber attacks is an area you’d like to progress in, then we’d recommend the Certified ethical hacker qualification from EC-Council.

One of the most popular of its kind, it’s also a prerequisite for positions like cyber forensics analyst, cybersecurity engineer, and applications developer. Extensive and in-depth, it teaches you the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques and methodologies to learn how to think like a hacker, in order to assess the security risks of a network or system.

How much does it cost? £800

How long does it take to complete? 5 days


4. Web Development

Looking to get wise in the ways of website building? In today’s digitally-focused world, being able to know your way around the inner workings of how websites function and create a meaningful experience for users can be crucial to many businesses.

If mastering the fundamentals of dev and design appeals to you, then Course Cloud’s Web Development certificate is a great place to start. In this in-depth course, you’ll gain a command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more, getting to grips with their capabilities in order to build well-crafted, responsive websites complete with all the modern design trappings of today.

How much does it cost? £318

How long does it take to complete? 25 hours, completed at your own pace


programmer giving presentation


5. Project Management

Even for the tech-focused computer whiz, project management is an invaluable skill. Encompassing things such as planning, scheduling, budgeting and execution, it covers an impressive package of abilities that are highly valued by employers across many different sectors.

Wherever you’re at in your career, the Certified Associate in Project Management certificate, provided by the well-respected Project Management Institute, makes for quite the asset. Designed to hone your project management skills, it’ll improve your effectiveness in working on large projects in big teams, and give your CV a stand-out qualification to power your career momentum going forward.

How much does it cost? $300

How long does it take to complete? 23 hours


6. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was in rude health going into 2020, but after the pandemic hit and businesses moved to remote setups, its status as IT’s new normal has seemingly been realised.

If this fast-growing area appeals to you, then CompTIA’s Cloud+ certificate covers all of cloud computing’s major elements. Covering general practices as opposed to vendor-specific functions, it provides you with the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required to effectively carry out the duties needed in data centre jobs to the highest standards.

How much does it cost? $338

How long does it take to complete? Study is done at your own pace, so completion times will vary.



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