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A day in the life – Matty Marshall

One of our core values is based on building trust.

Trust between colleagues, suppliers and customers alike. We believe that one of the key elements of building trust is in developing relationships, particularly being able to put a face to a name.

So in the coming weeks and months, we will feature members of the CDL team. These articles will not only demonstrate who we are as an employer, but will give you an insight into how we work as a business.

We hope you will enjoy these short, but sweet, articles about our great team.

Matty Marshall, Laptop Engineer

Matty joined CDL as an apprentice when he was 19 and has been with the company 3 years. He says; “CDL has become a lot more professional, people are really nice and no one puts you down.”

CDL supported Matty’s request for a 3-month sabbatical and held his job open whilst he went travelling around Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam with his girlfriend.

He has returned and settled into his first house and is back to work with CDL.

Matty’s typical day includes;

“I clock in and check my bench; I usually have to clear it from the day before and then get my next pallet of work. We sometimes get 60 laptops in a pallet which might take me a day or two.”

Matty will split the jobs up and separate out the scrap or laptops with no hard drives in them. He is targeted to process a certain number of laptops per day and so he likes to keep on top of things.

Matty is a keen traveller and next on his list is Poland. He enjoys shooting and axe throwing (!) with his girlfriend. A man of many talents, he also enjoys gardening and football and looks forward to getting back to playing more often with his friends.


CDL is one of the UK’s leading IT disposal companies, working to help private and public businesses and organisations safely retire and recycle their outdated IT assets. To find out how we could help your business, or more of the latest tech news and advice, visit our homepage or call our team today on 0333 060 2846.

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