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A day in the life of a Processing Engineer

One of our core values is based on building trust.

Trust between colleagues, suppliers and customers alike. We believe that one of the key elements of building trust is in developing relationships, particularly being able to put a face to a name.

So in the coming weeks and months, our website will feature members of the CDL team. These articles will not only demonstrate who we are as an employer, but will give you an insight into how we work as a business.

We hope you will enjoy these short, but sweet, articles on our great team.

Isaac Murphy, Processing Engineer

Isaac is a relatively new employee at CDL having only 7 months under his belt, but he already feels at home. He shares his experience of his induction; “everyone was really considerate and welcoming, they’re funny, great to work with and I’ve settled in really quickly.”

He feels that on the whole CDL has had to be very understanding because he has a medical condition that affects his day to day life and hinders his abilities on the shop floor.

Isaac developed a rare form of lymphatic cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) at just 15 years old and although he is now in remission, it left him with Avascular Necrosis which is a bone wearing condition that makes him less mobile than others.

Isaac is remarkably open about his experience and his condition which has affected, not only his physical health but his mental health too. “I do get depressed at times and I worry a lot about getting sick. Working at CDL has helped massively though because it helps me focus on something else.”

“I do what I can to raise awareness of ALCL and Avascular Necrosis and my colleagues at CDL have been very understanding about my condition and the limits it places on me.”

Isaac works hard, non the less, in his role as Processing Engineer which involves sorting through all of the incoming TVs, computer monitors, flat screen TVs to see what condition they’re in before passing them on to the relevant department for further processing or repair.

He really enjoys his job and hopes to move through the departments as so many others seem to have within the company and learn as he goes.

At just 23 Isaac and his girlfriend have a French Bulldog called Boo and they both enjoy going to Anime Conventions whenever they can. Isaac’s (not so) secret dream is to get his pilot’s license one day as he dreams of flying.

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