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A day in the life of our Transport Manager

One of our core values is based on building trust.

Trust between colleagues, suppliers and customers alike. We believe that one of the key elements of building trust is in developing relationships, particularly being able to put a face to a name.

So in the coming weeks and months, our website will feature members of the CDL team. These articles will not only demonstrate who we are as an employer, but will give you an insight into how we work as a business.

We hope you will enjoy these short, but sweet, articles on our great team.

Julian Wilson, Transport Manager

Julian has been with CDL for 10 years this year and is responsible for planning and running our transportation department.

He has witnessed lots of change in the time he’s been with CDL, the most remarkable he feels is the amount of growth the business has enjoyed, in lots of ways.

When Julian started, there were just 7 drivers in the company, now CDL has 25 drivers over 2 depots and a HGV as well. He witnessed the big move to Davy Road, but he says; “despite the growth, the better processes, new building, new people, CDL have still retained their friendly, open culture.”

Julian’s typical day starts at home where he checks his messages/emails before his drivers go out on the road. Checking that everyone is ok and all set to go to their pick-ups. With a shift pattern, drivers always need to get hold of him, so his mobile is always on.

He’s usually in the office for 8am and dealing with any issues and checking on the progress of various collections. He liaises with CDLs depot in Rugby where he is currently supporting a new supervisor. By 1pm, usually all the collections are done and his attention then turns to getting the drivers back safely and planning for the following day.

One of the greatest challenges in Julian’s job is to carefully balance the responsiveness required to meet customer needs with the personal safety and security of his team. He also has to ensure that all legal and maintenance issues are taken care of.

Julian is very driven in his work life and in his personal life he takes time out to watch his team Everton with his wife and youngest of his two sons. He’s also busy going to all the away games with his son as well as home games, so his weekends are as busy as his weekdays!!!

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