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A day in the life – Steven Stephenson-Taylor

One of our core values is based on building trust.

Trust between colleagues, suppliers and customers alike. We believe that one of the key elements of building trust is in developing relationships, particularly being able to put a face to a name.

So in the coming weeks and months, we will feature members of the CDL team. These articles will not only demonstrate who we are as an employer, but will give you an insight into how we work as a business.

We hope you will enjoy these short, but sweet, articles about our great team.


Steven Stephenson Taylor – Server Assetor

Steven is one of our Server Assetors, who clears data from our server assets. He started with CDL 3 years ago and worked in PC Assetting, but recently moved over to the server room to learn new skills and processes. He is enjoying the change.

Steven used to be a taxi driver before he came to CDL, but the tiresome and unsociable workload was taking its toll and he decided a change was required. He said; “CDL is a great place to work and there are a great bunch of people here in both the warehouse and the offices, it’s a great team and I haven’t a bad word to say.”

Steven’s day includes using specific software to wipe server data, often they are specific to the original manufacturer, so he has to match them up correctly for them to work. He will carry out inspections or disassemble and scrap depending on the specification of the equipment. He does a fair amount of manual handling in his day, because the servers themselves are huge, in fact his main challenge is ensuring he doesn’t lift too much or injure himself.

That being said, lifting and carrying shouldn’t be a problem for Steve because he’s played rugby every weekend for about 15 years! He also likes going to films and travelling. He has aspirations to travel to Japan one day, but he also enjoys the odd city break here and there.


CDL is one of the UK’s leading IT disposal companies, working alongside big-name business in a range of industries. To find out how we could help your business, or for more of the latest tech news and advice, visit our homepage or call our team today on 0333 060 2846.

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