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The best cybersecurity software of 2020

As technology, software, and computers become more sophisticated, so too do the security threats that can compromise a business’ data and networks. Thus, as cyberattacks become more advanced and frequent, the need to have the right security is imperative. Data theft can be damaging to any business, but the right cybersecurity software can protect the most important data and applications in a variety of ways.

Such methods allow businesses to plan for disaster recovery, while also allowing much- needed protection through things such as antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls and virtual private networks. Additionally, cybersecurity also strengthens collaborative work on the cloud and through non-desktop devices such as tablets and mobiles – a huge benefit in these remote work-heavy times. Lynn Walker, VP of Global Marketing at Ontrack explains that “as ransomware rates increase, the best tools for remaining vigilant around cybercrime are secure VPN protocols, removable devices with built in encryption, and protected backup systems.

To help keep your company data safe, we’ve collected a selection of the best cybersecurity software that is available right now. We’ll take a look at cost, features and the value they can provide to help you find the security suite that’s right for your organisation.


Considered one of the best cybersecurity systems on the market, Teramind has been lauded for its employee monitoring capabilities. This helps to detect insider threats, prevent data loss, and track down suspicious behaviour within a business’ system.


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Used by over 2,000 organisations across a range of sectors, including energy, manufacturing, finance, retail, government and healthcare, it purports to boost productivity, while also allowing real-time monitoring in its efforts to detect malicious behaviour.
Best suited to: Larger organisations with 51+ employees.
Price: After a 7-day free trial, its paid packages start at £60 a month for 5 users, while the premium package costs £150 per month for the same amount of users.



For businesses looking to stop spam and malicious content in their tracks, WebTitan’s web content capabilities can help block ransomware, malware and cyberattacks. With a focus on providing businesses with complete control over their applications, WebTitan features behavioural analytics, AI/machine learning, vulnerability scanning, and a plethora of other tools that can tighten up web content and filter out any potential threats to the business.

Best suited to: Businesses with up to 200 employees, public wi-fi providers, and educational institutions that need to restrict access to unsuitable content.
Price: With monthly and annual plans available, the software caters to a range of budgets, but the most popular package runs to $1,552.50 for a year.

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An automated and crowd-sourced cybersecurity application, Indeni has pioneered security infrastructure by automating tried and true security best practices into its software. This allows Indeni to create predictive, actionable insights for its customers from constantly monitored data. Such unprecedented visibility not only means more trust, but a greater reassurance of customers’ infrastructure health.
Best suited to: Small to medium-sized businesses with 11-50 employees.
Price: A free trial exists for those looking to test out Indeni’s capabilities, but for full pricing, businesses will have to get in touch with them directly.


With a vast suite of cybersecurity tools and services, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) lets your business find the right option for its security needs. In particular, its SecureSuite offering is built for commercial use and provides a plethora of security capabilities, automating and speeding up security processes that would usually take hours.

Best suited to: Large businesses with a budget to match.
Price: The annual fee for its SecureSuite package will set you back $495.


A cloud-based platform designed for cyber resilience, Mimecast’s focus is on putting a stop to email-based attacks and threats to your business. Expect protection that prevents ransomware, spear-phishing, impersonation, and other targeted attacks, along with cloud functions that allow you to archive files, emails and other data.


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Mimecast’s protection also extends to blocking inappropriate business websites and protecting against user-initiated web activity that can result in malware.

Best suited to: Businesses who conduct a lot of their activities through email.
Price: Mimecast offers flexible, customisable plans, so get in touch with them for a quote that fully meets your needs.


SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Looking to strengthen your network protection? SolarWinds Security Event Manager could well be the software for your business. A host and network intrusion detection system, SolarWinds allows for real-time monitoring, reporting, and responding to cyber threats, with constantly updated threat intelligence to stay ahead of incoming attacks. User friendly with an intuitive interface, it provides automated threat detection and response too, allowing you to carry on with other tasks while it does the protective legwork for you.

Best suited to: Businesses looking for a low-cost solution that’s uncomplicated and ready to go.
Price: Subscriptions start at £1,915, but be sure to get in touch with them for a quote.



For a second level of defence after a firewall, Snort is a free, open-source system that protects against network intrusion for a variety of platforms. Offering real-time traffic analysis of IP networks, Snort is well-equipped for many businesses, with capabilities to detect worms, vulnerability exploit attempts, port scans, and other suspicious behaviours.

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Best suited to: Small-to-medium-sized businesses without the budget for a costlier security suites.
Price: Free


Another free piece of software, Wireshark lets you view network activity in impressively minute detail. By intercepting traffic that’s then converted into easily-readable formats, identifying what traffic is crossing your network, how much there is, and how much latency it’s causing, Wireshark’s powerful display filters, revered in the industry, let you inspect only what matters to you.

Best suited to: Commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.
Price: Free

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