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Guess the Retro Video Game from Its Iconic Level

From the dizzying vistas of Sonic the Hedgehog to Frogger‘s perilous motorway traversals, video game level design can be so frantic, frenetic and fun that they become permanently lodged in the public’s memory, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or not! But, of course, some can be more easily recognised than others.


That’s why we created a quiz inviting the UK’s best gamers to guess the names of a collection of legendary video games based on screenshots from their most iconic stages and levels. Over 1,000 participants put their gaming credentials to the test, the results of which we’ll delve into below.


Broadly speaking, it seems that while these gamers feel a sense of nostalgia for the classics, many were thrown off by the less well-known franchises that we included.


So, while the hi-score table of our quiz illustrates a pretty healthy performance overall, there were still a few hidden gems that proved tough for our gamers to identify. The results were as follows:



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