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How Managers Can Keep Employees Engaged in the Workplace

There’s more to job satisfaction than taking home a paycheque. In the modern workplace, relying on financial remuneration to keep employees engaged is no longer sufficient.

Instead, employees require more from their managers to stay involved and motivated. Whether it’s personal development, recognition or collaboration – effective engagement relies on more than the promise of a salary.

And though leading a team that’s always switched on, energised and focused would certainly make any manager’s job easier, it’s impossible to expect the job alone to do that for them. The more intangible elements of work that employees value require time and effort on the manager’s part to put into effect.

To help you get the best out of your employees, we’ve come up with a range of tips and approaches you can use to keep the team fully engaged in the office.

Encourage their development

If you want your team to develop professionally, then you should get to know them on a personal level. Find out what their interests and hobbies outside of work are.

Not only will they appreciate you taking the time to converse with them, their responses may prove useful in other ways. Based on their interests and aspirations, there may be other areas of the business that might suit them.

This also helps you to identify any training that would be of benefit, helping them acquire new skills and competencies and giving them that all-important job satisfaction in the process. When you learn more about your employees, everyone wins; they’ll gain new knowledge, and you’ll benefit from improved engagement.

Development Session

Recognise and reward hard work

You shouldn’t expect employees to maintain the same level of drive or productivity when their efforts go unnoticed. A failure to recognise hard work is a sure-fire way of making employees feel undervalued and disengaged.

If they feel the work they’re doing isn’t important, they’ll be less willing to make the effort in the future. The result? Any work they do complete may be of substandard quality.

So, how can you avoid this? Make recognising, rewarding and celebrating your team’s hard work a regular thing.

Verbal and written praise through applications like Slack takes no time at all, so let them know how much you appreciate their accomplishments. For bigger projects, you might consider things like vouchers, letting them finish the day early or more professional rewards in the form of added responsibility and promotions.

Schedule regular one-to-one meetings

One-to-one meetings can be hugely beneficial. But a lot of managers end up not using their face-to-face time properly, or they don’t bother scheduling these meetings at all.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities. One-to-one meetings go a long way to keeping employees engaged, allowing both of you to discuss challenges, goals, and professional development.

Giving your team a voice is vital; it helps them feel like a valued part of the company. When they can air concerns, they’ll feel much more appreciated as a result.

And by holding them regularly, it gives your employees something to drive towards.

One-to-one Meeting

Avoid micromanaging

When you interviewed each team member, they showed they could be an asset to the team. It’s up to you to provide them with the opportunities that will let them show off their skills to the best ability.

That means giving them the space to do their jobs in the way they know how. Nobody works well when their manager is hovering over them, micromanaging every action they take. Instead of adding to the stress of the workplace, allow them to grow.

For instance, if an employee comes to you with a pitch or an idea that you don’t quite see the potential in, make sure you respond in a way that won’t discourage them. Instead, offer them the opportunity to keep developing ideas that might lead to the success you envision.

Encourage collaboration and teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration go a long way in keeping employees engaged, so make sure you’re fostering a working style where collaboration is valued. Whether it’s letting team members work together, collaborating on solutions, or asking for their opinions, letting your team work in tandem should be part of any engaged workplace.

When collaboration prospers and their thoughts and opinions matter, it’s much easier for employees to feel like they’re an actual part of the team. Consider letting your people spend more time together in an informal setting too.

That way, strong relationships and communication develop naturally and can lead to bigger and better things back in the office.

Create a positive atmosphere

Performance-based environments are common, but they’re not always conducive to results. In business and companies like this, it’s easy to let fear and uncertainty set in.

When ideas and suggestions fall flat, employees may feel as though they’re risking reprimands by doing so. Instead of having to go through a chain of command that might result in punishment for mistakes, opting for a more positive approach gives them the opportunity for employees to make suggestions without fear of reproach.

Tired Business Woman Working

For extra tips and advice tailored to managers and leaders, you can find plenty of helpful, effective insights below:

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