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IT Disposal for an NHS Trust

Find out how we completed this large scale disposal project of over 1000 hard drives destroyed on-site.

In early 2021 we started work for a new NHS trust, who required large-scale disposal of their redundant IT assets.

Urgent IT disposal was required

This unwanted kit had been growing in quantity for nearly two years, and the coronavirus pandemic had hindered their ability to get it securely disposed of. Now at critical mass, they engaged CDL to take care of the problem.


A large project was underway

The project would involve the clearance of more than 1000 PCs and 500 laptops, plus the on-site destruction of some 1000 hard drives.

We sent six of our highly trained operatives to the client site, with HGVs and an on-site destruction vehicle. They were able to complete the project securely and efficiently, over the course of just two days.

We identified better processes

During the course of the project, we recognised that our client’s processes could be reworked in order to reduce costs and increase security.

We identified that the trust would be best leaving their hard drives inside their machines, so that the drives could be fully sanitised using certified software (WhiteCanyon WipeDrive Enterprise 9). Following this, full data erasure certifications would be provided, covering every asset and providing a complete audit trail with a detailed chain of custody. This process would be fully compliant with our client’s security requirements.

A new system was put into place

Given the approval that WipeDrive holds, our ADISA accreditation and our presence on the NHS DSP Toolkit, our client was happy to transition to the new process. Adopting the new process allowed them to generate revenue from their legacy equipment, whilst saving both time and money thanks to simplified operational methods.


With a nice empty storage area the client said; “It was a huge task and I want to pass on my thanks to the team.”

If you’d like to get in touch with us about a pick up or how you can generate revenue from your own legacy equipment, please contact us.

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