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It’s Not Easy Being Green. But It Can Be Economically Beneficial

Waste is inevitable. Almost everything we do leaves behind a litter of some sort, whether it’s ordinary household rubbish or e-waste from the never-ending turnover of computer and technology products. But there are many benefits that come from recycling, aside from the environmental ones. The economy can benefit too, from saving money by making products with recycled materials. For example, fresh aluminium costs twice as much as recycled aluminium, which in turn means that products made from recycled materials are cheaper for the consumer to buy.

“If you want grown-ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they’ll be all over it.” Bill Nye

Where there’s muck there’s brass.

So the saying goes. And there certainly is the opportunity for money to be made in the business of reuse and reprocessing. With a commitment to higher rates of recycling in the UK and throughout Europe, there comes the potential for massive job creation and economic growth. Recycling creates jobs in transportation, processing and the sale of recovered materials, along with jobs in the manufacturing and distribution of products made from recycled materials.

And the more we recycle, the more jobs are created, because recycling creates 36 new jobs for every 10,000 tons of waste, whereas dumping waste in a landfill only creates 6 jobs per 10,000 tons of waste.
Committing to ethical recycling also goes some way to reducing the scourge of the e-waste mountains full of hazardous materials currently being shipped to developing countries around the world, where workers at these sites are primarily children, burning devices to recover copper, and releasing toxic materials such as lead into the environment in the process.

Commit to secure computer recycling that benefits the environment and the economy.

The importance of responsible computer recycling has never been so vital if you want to keep your data secure, keep the environment healthy and the economy growing. So if your company is one that is committed to the ethical recycling of its obsolete computers and technology products, make sure secure and environmentally friendly computer recycling that adheres to proper recycling regulations is part of your consideration, to ensure ultimate data security. It’s also important to be aware that companies are now legally obliged to safely dispose of potentially sensitive information in accordance with current security laws and the Data Protection Act of 1998. Be sure only to use a computer recycling company that operates in accordance with, and preferably exceeds all government guidelines such as the WEEE Directive and the Data Protection Act.

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