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Recovery Team help the pupils of Immanuel School learn during lockdown

In these difficult times, helping others who may be struggling is hugely important, and even the smallest gesture can be a big help to those who need it. Right now, of course, schoolchildren find themselves in an unprecedented situation and need support more than ever.

So earlier this year, when a plea for support was sent to us on behalf of Immanuel School in Gloucestershire, we wanted to assist in whatever way we could. A mother of a student at the school asked if we could donate some laptops for the schoolchildren to use during the national lockdown, and so the team at CDL set about to see how we could help.

Donating laptops to schools

We run a charitable initiative called Support Our Schools, through which we facilitate the donation of laptops and other IT equipment to schools, charities and good causes. We do this as part of our own projects as well as through partnership with our clients.

One of the major side-effects of the lockdown caused by COVID-19 is the lengthy home-schooling of children. With many children unable to access laptops and the tech they need to connect to the classroom and complete their work, we decided to step in and help.

Our IT remarketing team were informed of the situation, and they began sourcing the laptops which would best suit the needs of Immanuel School’s pupils. Soon we had identified eight suitable laptops, all of which were securely erased of all data and professionally refurbished before being installed with Windows software.

laptop donation to schools

We then travelled down to the school last week to hand over the laptops in person. The whole CDL team are delighted to have been able to make a difference to the school and its pupils, and we hope the laptops serve them well, long into the future.

Jo Gulliford, Immanuel’s headteacher, reached out to us with the following message: “A huge thank you from all of us at Immanuel School – we’re delighted to have received eight restored laptops! What a great service, we are truly grateful.”

Of the remarketing team’s efforts, our very own Sales Director, Ben Griffin, said: “Helping out the children of Immanuel School with the means to continue learning during this ongoing pandemic was something we were more than happy to do. In fact, we’re honoured to have been contacted in the first place! When everyone’s struggling at the minute, it really does mean a lot to see our team help in whatever way they can, and we’re glad to see our efforts have been very much appreciated!”


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