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The Top Software for IT Professionals Providing Business Support

With an endless list of tasks, to-dos, and duties to balance out on a daily basis, efficiently managing IT operations can be a tall order for many businesses with stretched resources. If troubleshooting tech issues, customer service, and keeping systems up and running has become an issue lately, then there are plenty of platforms and software available that can help.

But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to make a start when it comes to making the right decisions. Here, we’ll take a look at the best help-desk software that IT professionals can use to lighten the load, so their operations remain smooth, productive and effective all year round.

What is an IT Help Desk?

You might have seen the term IT help desk before. But what do we mean by it exactly?

Basically, it’s a department (or even just a single person) that deals with any issues, pain points or technical questions other employees might be having trouble with.

Sometimes these take the form of in-house help desks, but many businesses might also outsource their help desk through a third-party service – especially if they lack a large IT team of their own. These third-party services let companies get in touch with technical experts should any IT issues arise.

IT support desk software

And not only does this provide employees with essential help, but it also allows internal IT staff to concentrate on other duties that might require more of their time – especially if the team itself lacks manpower.

Generally, IT help desks involve a ticketing system, which is how employees reach service reps to log an issue. Whatever the problem is, it gets put into a ticket format that contains a summary of the issue, an employee ID, the time it was reported, the channel used to communicate the problem, and a service rep assigned to deal with it.

A lot of help desk software is tailored to small-to-medium sized businesses, but there are plenty of solutions that can help larger companies, as well as software designed to aid internal IT staff. We’ll take a look at our pick of the best below…

The Best Help Desk Software and IT Support Tools


Great for larger organisations looking to optimise their in-house IT support, Freshservice is one of the most popular options out there. Built specifically for IT teams, Freshservice offers an affordable, user-friendly solution to IT needs.

A clean, concise dashboard shows both new and overdue tickets, while the self-service portal allows the rest of your employees to peruse its knowledge base to resolve issues without raising tickets.

Freshservice’s customer satisfaction metrics also come in handy for identifying common pain points, tracking performance, and allowing your IT team to stay at the top of the game as they work their way through tickets. Combined with the analytics dashboard, which categorises issues by type, department, time to resolve and more, it’s an excellent way of creating a more informed, insight-driven view of your company’s IT system and software health.

The best support desk software

Zoho Desk

Built for burgeoning companies that need to scale, Zoho Desk is cloud-based software that aids external customers and other departments within the business.

Time and context play a pivotal role in how Zoho Desk works. Open tickets are organised by time frame, allowing IT support to view issues which are the most important, which are overdue, and which have plenty of time to resolve.

Its communication functions are strong too. The single dashboard panel receives tickets no matter which channels users have used to contact support, while its messaging system lets the responder bring in other specialists, so they can work together on providing a solution.

Elsewhere, Zoho Desk’s knowledge base facility allows users to find answers to their problems – freeing up support staff to focus on more crucial, time-sensitive tickets. Meanwhile, its forum pages let users inquire about solutions and post about their experience resolving issues – allowing a community of users to benefit from this knowledge.

And since it’s cloud-based, it lets support staff work remotely, which is handy while many of us are still working from home.

How to use IT support desk software

Zendesk Support

For comprehensive, customer service-focused support, Zendesk is our pick. Popular with sites that offer subscription services, as well as in-house support departments, Zendesk is impressively user-friendly.

Built to support customer interaction through one easily accessible database, it can optimise workflows, features the ability to search a customer’s history, and has a selection of pre-written ticket responses which can help speed up communication. Like Zoho Desk, its knowledge base platform takes the pressure off the support team through the option of creating manuals and troubleshooting guides.

Perhaps its biggest feature, however, is its use of metrics. Through things like integrated surveys and customer satisfaction ratings, your business can track and investigate performance. This allows you to identify how much time each issue takes to resolve, identify the most common issues that are routinely ticketed, and a whole host of other beneficial insights.


If you’re a business on the smaller side that deals with customers often, then Freshdesk is a great fit. Designed to increase workflow efficiency, it features a team inbox that gathers tickets from different channels in one handy location, provides the ability to create custom tickets suited to your business, and template responses for common issues. There’s also a handy feature that lets your IT team pool its knowledge together to deal with trickier problems.

Plus, by integrating information from channels like email, phone, social media, and chat, it allows customers to log their issues in a variety of different ways.

Its free option is a little limited, but companies willing to shell out will also get access to automation, time tracking, satisfaction surveys, performance reports, and plenty of other features.

How tyo use IT support software

ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

If you’re a small business that relies on a small IT team, then ManageEngine Service Desk Plus can make their lives a lot easier while at work. Although there are three service levels, the cheapest option, Standard, is well suited to IT help desks.

Users can make use of filtering options to get to the bottom of their issue without a help desk agent. They can also access the self-service portal, which features a searchable knowledge base where they can look for solutions. And if they can’t find it, no worries; the self-service portal is also where they can raise support tickets. At this point, tickets can be assigned automatically to an individual technician or to a group.

Any tickets raised can be categorised by departments, user groups or equipment faults, which then forms a workflow so the task of finding a solution can begin.

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