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Public Sector

Providing flexible IT management and disposal services to organisations in the public sector.

Data Destruction Services for the Public Sector

Free of Charge Service

Organisations in the public service sector can benefit from free of charge equipment collections and processing, freeing up resources and time which can be used more effectively elsewhere.

Full Equipment Coverage

Our IT recycling and auditing solutions for the public sector covers all IT equipment and associated hardware, including lab equipment, computing, telephony and audio visual.

On-Site Media Destruction

When public service organisations are updating their hardware, we can arrange to destroy obsolete hard drives on their premises, so sensitive information never leaves the site.

Flexible Transportation Options

Transporting your redundant hardware is easy with CDL. We accept items that are loose, palletised or stored in a container, providing total flexibility.

The CDL Process

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Public sector organisations can be short on time and resources needed to manage IT equipment and hardware. CDL provides flexible solutions for disposing of and refreshing redundant technology, including IT disposal, technology auditing, collection, storage and transportation.

Five-Day Collection

We offer guaranteed collection within five working days.

Secure Transportation

We take data security seriously. That’s why our fleet of vehicles are fitted with GPS and CCTV.

WEEE Documentation

Our flexible hardware disposal and management solutions are carried out to the highest possible standard.

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What our customers say about us

CDL have added real value and have taken the complexity and wasted time from past service providers and delivering a simple uncomplicated service. CDL have a great team from our Account Director who I have built up an excellent work relationship, to all members of the organisation. The other value from my perspective is the auditable documented services, everything is tracked, which means that I’m 100% confident in the disposal’s information going directly into our asset register.

Our Services Supporting the Public Sector

We are proud to provide the following services for businesses and organisations within the Public sector.