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Secure IT Disposal

Our award winning processes for data sanitisation and asset retirement ensures your data is in the safest hands.

Secure IT Disposal in 7 Steps

We’ve made it easy to dispose of IT hardware, with a structured process in place to guarantee the safety of your data throughout the cycle. Our 7-step process gives complete peace of mind that your sensitive information is in responsible hands

1. Contact Us

Organising disposal of your IT assets with CDL is simple. Simply get in touch with our team and we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

We’ve made it easy to start the process, with a range of contact methods to suit your individual requirements, be it via phone, email, client request or a collection request form.

2. Qualification

We will assess the equipment you are retiring and confirm costs, if any. We will also explain each step of the process:

  • Collection contact and secondary contact, in case of an issue
  • Security details confirming driver and vehicle details
  • GDPR compliance and WEEE transfer documentation
  • Parking and access to equipment
  • We will allocate a unique job number to the collection and subsequent reporting.

3. Collection

Collections are carried out using our own GPS tracked and CCTV equipped vehicles. Our drivers are all security vetted. We will confirm a date and provide an estimated time of arrival.

You will receive an electronic notification from our system, providing a summary of the collection and relevant documentation ensuring compliance. Equipment can be stored loose, caged or palletised to suit you. We only ask that it is stored carefully and securely to safeguard your data and preserve any residual value.

CDL can supply equipment storage containers and cages for customer sites.

4. On-Site Destruction

We understand that you may prefer sensitive information to be destroyed before it leaves your site. That’s why we provide onsite destruction for all media types, so you can be confident that your data won’t be compromised.

All media is sanitised and/or destroyed to the highest recognised industry standards. You can witness your media being destroyed on your premises or in one of our onsite media destruction vehicles.

5. Processing

Once returned to our facility, equipment is segregated into non-hazardous and hazardous and then further segregated into data baring and non-data baring.

In line with the agreed SLA, each job is assigned to a dedicated engineer. Equipment make, model, serial number, unique CDL asset number, customer asset number and specification are recorded and uploaded into the customer asset report.

All hard drives are data erased and/or shredded with appropriate certification uploaded into the asset report. All other media is shredded.

Equipment that cannot be remarketed is stripped at CDL with metals, plastics etc segregated for recycling and reuse in recycled products.

CDL can often generate revenue through the re-marketing of laptops. Revenue generated is often used to offset costs or passed back to the client as a revenue payment.

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CDL assess each computer recycling equipment on a case-by-case basis. Data destruction is carried out using the latest NCSC approved overwriting software.

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When a printer has served its purpose you should consider both environmental legislation and data security as part of the retirement process.

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We recycle all mobile phones, including iPhones, Android and Windows phones, safely and securely, EU-GDPR compliant.

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We safely and securely recycle all tablets and iPads and collect from anywhere in the UK. Our service is fully EU-GDPR compliant.

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CDL will collect all manner of servers ranging from a single standalone unit though to the decommissioning of data centres.

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We safely and securely recycle all Apple equipment, including iMacs, Mac Pros, iPhones and iPads, EU-GDPR compliant.

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CDL offers a computer monitor recycling and lamp disposal service that is cost-effective, convenient, and environmentally compliant.

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Networking equipment is wiped or flashed, and if necessary the equipment is dismantled and the boards physically destroyed at out facility.

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6. Generate Revenue

As a general rule of thumb, equipment that is less than 5 years old is likely to retain a residual value, which can either be used to offset retirement costs or passed back as a positive return.

In most cases we are able to provide an accurate expectation of any revenues likely to be realised prior to the collection. We offer fixed rebates for equipment as opposed to a percentage as we feel this is more transparent and less open to manipulation.

If you do not have the facility or do not wish to receive a financial rebate, it can be passed to a charity of your choice or even traded in against equipment purchases including staff purchasing schemes.

7. Reporting

Reporting is the final step in the disposal cycle. A comprehensive asset report is produced for every collection.

Each individual item of equipment, with the exception of minor peripherals, is logged into the report. The unique asset number assigned to each item during processing allows us to trace it through the disposal process, allowing for an accurate and fail safe audit trail.

Asset reports are emailed to the client or uploaded to the client portal, which automatically notifies the customer.