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Computer Recycling

At CDL, we specialise in secure data destruction and WEEE-compliant IT recycling and disposal for all sectors.

Why choose CDL?

At CDL, we offer a computer recycling and disposal service that is safe, secure and environmentally-compliant. We want to make things as simple as possible which is why we’ll collect from anywhere in the UK.

Vehicle Security

At CDL we use our own fleet of vehicles and drivers to collect your IT equipment at a time that suits you. Our fleet of 32 specialist vehicles are all CCTV and GPS tracked, geo-fenced and benefit from enhanced DBS.

Secure Destruction

We use the latest NCSC approved overwriting software to securely deal with data-baring equipment before recycling.

Onsite or Offsite Destruction

We also offer both offsite or onsite hard drive destruction using an ADISA-approved shredder when hard drives cannot be erased.

Generate Revenue

With every collection we assess all equipment for re-marketing and pass any revenue back to the customer.

Asset Report

We will also generate a full asset report which includes the serial number, customer asset number and full specification details for every piece of IT equipment collected.

So, why recycle?

Computer hardware is continually being modernised and updated leading to millions of laptops and computers being discarded every year. IT hardware often contains toxic and hazardous substances making this IT waste dangerous if not disposed of correctly. In the UK alone, it is estimated that we dispose of over 2 million tonnes of electronic waste each year so the need to do so safely, securely and in an environmentally-friendly way has never been greater.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) ensures that companies must adhere to environmentally-compliant electronic waste disposal. It aims to encourage computer and laptop recycling and to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill.

What’s more, the Data Protection Act holds companies legally accountable for the safe and secure disposal of their confidential or sensitive data. In many cases, this fault has been traced back to the recycling and disposal process. But, that simply isn’t possible with CDL.

At CDL, we guarantee 100% data security and compliance to the WEEE Directive

Other services

Managing your IT infrastructure is easy with CDL. Combining efficient services with the highest industry standards, we offer secure disposal, transportation and storage for your IT assets.