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Mobile Phone Recycling

At CDL, we offer a mobile phone recycling and disposal service that is safe, secure and environmentally-compliant.

The popularity of mobile phones for business use is rising and the number of outmoded handsets requiring secure and environmentally-friendly disposal is also on the up. At CDL, we aim to make this process as simple as possible.

Secure disposal

A quick email sent en route to a meeting has long been a business standard but with business tools such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce, and networking tools in app form, mobile phones are increasingly being used to carry out the work itself. The expansion of mobile technology means recycling mobile phones is the fastest growing area of our business.

At CDL, we take mobile phone data security very seriously. All of the programs and processes that we use not only meet but actually exceed government guidelines.

Data Sanitisation

At CDL, we will process and recycle all mobile phones including iPhones, Android and Windows devices. During the data process, all data is sanitised using NCSC approved overwriting software and once this process is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed asset report that includes:

  • Details of all mobile phones collected
  • Serial numbers
  • Customer asset number
  • Unique CDL ID number
  • EMEI number
  • Condition grade
  • Data erase certification.

Cost offsetting

In many cases, we will be able to recycle your obsolete mobile phones and any revenue we receive from this process will be passed straight back to you, either to offset your cost or in some cases provide revenue for you.

Other services

Managing your IT infrastructure is easy with CDL. Combining efficient services with the highest industry standards, we offer secure disposal, transportation and storage for your IT assets.