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Networking Equipment Recycling

At CDL, we want to make your life easier. We’ll retrieve, recycle or dispose of your networking equipment in a way that is both completely secure and environmentally-friendly.

You no doubt already understand the importance of secure disposal of your unwanted IT equipment, but did you know that your networking equipment can hold just as much (if not more) sensitive data? The Data Protection Act 1998 holds companies accountable for any sensitive data that is leaked through unsecured waste disposal meaning the onus is on you to choose the right company for the task.

Security first

At CDL, we take your data security incredibly seriously. All of our processes exceed current government guidelines and are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Where possible, we’ll wipe, flash or overwrite all data and in the event that your networking equipment can’t be overwritten, we’ll dismantle and physically destroy the boards at our facility using ADISA and DIPCOG-approved hardware.

Reuse and recycle to offset your costs

In this technological age, companies are updating their IT hardware faster than ever which means disposal of unwanted equipment is a big issue. We adhere to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and aim to reduce, reuse or recycle your networking equipment. Any revenue that we make from this process will be used to offset your costs.

Easy collection

Our fleet of drivers and vehicles make disposing of or recycling your unwanted networking equipment a piece of cake. We’ll collect from anywhere in the UK within five working days and we have no minimum quantity stipulation so get in touch, whatever your requirements.

Other services

Managing your IT infrastructure is easy with CDL. Combining efficient services with the highest industry standards, we offer secure disposal, transportation and storage for your IT assets.